Shine bright like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond

Today I’ll be reviewing a highlighter that’s been recommended to me by my divalicious partner in crime, which is the MUA Luxe Strobe and Glow Highlight Kit in pearl gold. This is my first time using a MUA product, so as per usual I’m a little hesistant. Who said trust issues were limited to people? While I tend to go above and beyond to find affordable yet high-quality make-up, my experiences with highstreet brands have often turned out to be a bit disappointing. However, the cheapskate in me is willing to give everything a try just to save some coinnnns (and spend it on unreasonably expensive coffee instead).

The MUA Luxe kit contains 2 options: a cream highlighter and a powder highlighter. I say ”options” because I’m not quite sure how the two would work together. The powder was unfortunately a little too matte for me. If I don’t look ready, set, glow for the red carpet then there’s really no point in using a highlighter. Au naturel is for sleeping. But that’s my shallow opinion ladies, you do you 😉 I was really surprised by how much I liked the cream. It’s a lovely shimmer that lasts a long time (definitely from 9 to 5, after that nothing really stays put) and gives you a beautiful glow.


To sum it all up, it’s affordable and does the deed, maybe even better than some of the more expensive alternatives (cough ”Dior” cough). Keep on shining buttercups, and until next time!



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